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How do I know I’m in financial trouble?

If you have difficulty in meeting your rental or mortgage payments … if you are extending beyond your credit balance … if you are making only minimal payments on your credit cards … if you are using credit cards Credit instead of cash … If you have little or no savings or have fixed priorities, you are likely to be in trouble.

Have I heard that there are two bankruptcy proceedings: Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. What is the difference?

If you wish to stop the action of the creditor immediately discontinuing your debts, Chapter 7 may be the solution. In Chapter 7, you get to keep your assets your furniture, clothes, car and home as part of your franchise.

If you have a steady income and want to pay off your debts, you may need Chapter 13 especially if you have many “secured possessions” in your home, car,
and furniture. With Chapter 13, you can set aside your payments for as long as it is comfortable for you. A lawyer can help you decide which one is best for you.

What about the utilities, student loans, auto accident claims, credit unions, infractions, income taxes, excessive unemployment payments or public assistance?

It does not matter what kind of account it is. Anyway, we can successfully solve a solution for any of your debts.

We can stop all assignments and salary reductions immediately. We can help prevent the closing of your profits and we can stop the ongoing harassment by credit unions and state agencies. Even if you have an exceptional auto accident claim, we can work to lift the suspension of your license. The important thing to keep in mind is we can help, but you must tell us everything.

They keep telling me I will lose my house, car, and possessions. It is true?

You will not lose any of your possessions. We will file all the correct procedures to prevent this from happening. Forget what you have heard and talk to someone who knows!

I hated that if I file for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, I will not be able to get the credit for 10 years; That’s true?

Absolutely not. You will probably get credit in less time than you think. The answer, of course, depends on your personal situation … the length of time you have spent at work, the length of time you have lived in your home and your bank savings.

Once you re-establish yourself, you should be able to receive new credit. You can buy a similar house, car, or similar purchase. However, you must be very careful in the future to prevent the recurrence of the problem.

Can I protect my friends or family who have offered a second signature for me?

Absolutely! If you file Chapter 13, your friends and family will have full protection under the law. Even if you file Chapter 7, you can arrange for
protection for your co-signers.

¿Acabó de recibir una carta de una compañía de préstamos que índico que pueden solucionar mis problemas…sin declararme en bancarrota; Es esa una mejor alternativa?

Ya que todas las rebajas salariales, juicios, retenciones y los embargos que son parte del expediente del público, usted recibirá probablemente muchas ofertas de las compañías y de otras de préstamos que prometen “soluciones rápidas”. Estas soluciones pueden ser más costosas de lo que usted imagina. “Pedirle prestado a Pedro para pagarle a Pablo” nunca soluciona las cosas. Usted debe controlar su situación, para no hundirse más en deuda.

¿Como puedo pagar cuotas legales si estoy profundamente en deuda?

Obviamente, si usted tuviera dinero usted no nos estaría viendo. Entendemos, y trabajaremos con usted. Los honorarios del abogado en casos de la bancarrota se hacen adorables, y se deben aprobar por la corte. Si usted va a llenar el Capítulo 13, nosotros agregaremos nuestros costos al total de sus otras deudas. Serán pagadas del pago que usted hace a los administradores de la corte, así que usted no necesita preocuparse de hacer pagos separados. En el Capítulo 7, se fija un honorario y usted puede hacer pagos adorables en una base regular sin la preocupación de pagar otras deudas.

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