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How Does Bankruptcy Affect Your Job?
Most people know that bankruptcy can give debt relief. But many people wonder if it can impact your job and your career.

Your employer can’t fire you for filing a bankruptcy, and unless you reveal that information to them, they may never know. However, that doesn’t stop a potential employer from looking into your credit history before they hire you. This is something happening more and more today.

Some employers do this because they believe that reliability and credit worthiness go together. They believe that if a person can’t handle their bills, they won’t be a good employee. It may be illegal for them to discriminate in this fashion, but the possibility exists that they may still decide to hire someone else.

But not all employers run credit checks. Some even consider the fact that if you used bankruptcy to settle your bills, it makes you smart for figuring out a solution to an identified problem in your life instead of ignoring it. You should never be tempted to not file bankruptcy because it might affect future jobs. If you don’t file, your problems will only compound and the end result could be less productivity and loss of job. Bankruptcy really is a solution and should always be viewed in that light.

What should you do if the job you want to apply for requires background checks and you have a bankruptcy on your record? It may be a good idea to be upfront about it. Explaining the situation with confidence that it was the right decision and you’re glad to be on track can go a long way to convincing a potential employer that you’ve changed for the better.

It will give you a chance to show you thought it through and made the best of a bad situation. After all, you can’t hide it since it’s in the public records. Explain that this has made you wiser, more responsible, and you have learned from your mistakes.

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