I have the utmost respect for Zalutsky & Pinski. They were willing to work with me and fight for my mortgage foreclosure for almost two years! They also helped me with a bankruptcy.

The people here are my personal friends, but as my attorneys, I can honestly say they are not intimidating. You can walk into their office not feeling intimidated, since they do not judge you. If you tell them the truth of what is going on , they will try to help you one hundred and ten percent.

Aside from that, the main reason I have already recommended them to 7 people, including my fiance is, they are very honest with their work. They will give you advice on whether you should or should not file any bankruptcy and will guide you in every step of the way.

As opposed to other attorneys, they are not just here to get your money and make you fill out the paperwork. If there is something wrong, they want you to call them and they never forget about you!

Karen H

Orland Park, IL