The most important time and best experience I’ve had with Zalutsky & Pinski was when I met with them the very first time. I think I was desperate and thought I was going to lose my building. It was causing endless grief but, when we got their name and called them, they gave us consultation and didn’t say it was very difficult. They heard us and told us if it was doable-and that’s all we needed. Then they said they could work with it–and I was so glad.

I thought it was a total catastrophe, which it was, but they made it easier to handle. They didn’t say it was difficult: They saw what we had and said this is what we could do, which is what we needed to hear. And, on our part, we struggle to come up with what’s required of the situation, but we are able to talk to them and they make arrangements.

Lety Powers

Crest Hill, IL