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Times are tough for many Americans. Foreclosures are at an all time high, consumer debt is spiraling out of control, and the average person can quickly be caught in a dire situation with just the smallest of setbacks.

If you live in the Wheaton area and have come to the point where you can no longer cover your obligations and creditors are relentlessly harassing you while late charges and back interest continue to accrue; contact Zalutsky & Pinski LTD to see how bankruptcy may help you save your Wheaton IL home, car, or other assets.

Your Wheaton Home Can Be Saved

At Zalutsky & Pinski LTD we know you’ve happily made a home in Wheaton and want to keep it. If you have started to fall behind on your payments or are facing foreclosure, don’t wait for things to get worse. Call us today and let us put decades of bankruptcy experience to work securing your most important financial investment. We can stop your foreclosure proceedings, and get you started on the path back to financial security.

Are You Facing a Lawsuit?

If your personal or business finances have deteriorated to the point where you have been threatened or served with a lawsuit; take the first step towards putting an end to the frustration, stress, and uncertainty that are eroding every aspect of your daily life. Call Zalutsky & Pinski LTD and see how a bankruptcy may be able to protect you from a judgment or other financial obligations arising out of a lawsuit in the Wheaton IL area.

If I Can’t Afford to Pay My Bills, How Will I Afford an Attorney?

That is a great question, but the reality of the situation is that unless you are prepared to lose your home, vehicles, and other tangible items and investments, you owe it to yourself to secure competent bankruptcy lawyers in the Wheaton area.

Zalutsky & Pinski LTD has over 50 years of experience, and has helped thousands of clients through the process. Offering a free consultation with an attorney, you have nothing to lose, so call today!


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