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Millions of Americans are struggling to make ends meet. It’s the same all across our nation, including the South Side of Chicago.

Financial difficulties can come for many reasons: unemployment, rising interest rates, death, divorce. When a person starts falling behind on debt payments the result is a late fee and a credit score drop. Credit card companies then use that as an excuse to raise interest rates, making it even more difficult to pay. The bills pile up and the problems snowball. When things get this bad, you may be faced with no way out except to file for bankruptcy.

The best choice you can make is to speak to a qualified South Side Chicago bankruptcy attorney. Zalutsky & Pinski LTD has over 50 years of experience helping people find personalized solutions to their financial crisis. We have an office on the South Side of Chicago, as well as in seven other convenient locations in the area. Each office has free parking and free consultations available.

Our lawyers will carefully listen to your situation and answer any questions you have. We will then create a custom bankruptcy plan that is tailored to your specific needs. After speaking with us, we may determine that bankruptcy is avoidable. If so, we’ll tell you.

If you end up filing for bankruptcy, we will represent you in front of your creditors. We’ll end all creditor harassment immediately. When it comes time to go to court we’ll present a plan that will minimize your debts as much as possible and protect your assets where possible.

If you live on the south side of Chicago, call us today at 312-273-1217 and set up a free consultation. The parking is also free and we offer night/weekend appointments. Let us help you find sound financial footing. Call today! You’ll be happy you did.

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