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Turn on the news, read the paper, or check out financial websites, and the news is all doom and gloom. As bad as that is to read, it’s even worse to live.

For millions of Americans the prospect of losing their home, car, and other assets, is all too real. For Niles IL residents, we offer a glimmer of hope in a sea of uncertainty and stress. We’re Zalutsky & Pinski LTD and we would like to help you get a handle on your finances, save your home, or keep your car from being repossessed.

Home is Where the Heart is

If you live in Niles IL, odds are you’ve come to love the area, and don’t want to lose your home to foreclosure. But what do you do if unemployment has reduced your income, your mortgage has adjusted, or other unforeseen circumstances threaten your ability to pay your mortgage. If you can’t keep up with your mortgage payment, give Zalutsky & Pinski LTD a call and let us show you how bankruptcy may be able to save your Niles IL home.

What About My Car?

If you are behind on your mortgage, it stands to reason that you may have let your car payment slip in an effort to keep your home. If you are getting calls from your auto loan holder and they are threatening repossession, call us today and let us help you get started on the road to repaying your debt.

I Can’t Afford an Attorney

Believe it or not, our rates are surprisingly low. But regardless of that, can you really afford not to call an attorney, when everything you’ve worked for can be taken from you? Of course not, and you shouldn’t when there is a team of bankruptcy attorneys with over 50 years of experience waiting to help you.

Call Zalutsky & Pinski LTD today at 312-273-1217 to schedule your free consultation with one of our lawyers. Let us show you how bankruptcy may be your best option for regaining control of your finances.

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