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Tough times have hit people all across America. Harvey, IL is no exception, unfortunately. Many people don’t know how to handle the situation when it happens to them. If that sounds like how you are feeling, then it’s time to get help.

Zalutsky & Pinski LTD has more than 50 years of experience helping people understand bankruptcy. We offer free consultations at all of our 8 offices in the Chicago area. If you have questions, call us today to set up a free appointment.

Here are five tips on how to get your life back in order after filing for bankruptcy.

  1. Have positive family/friend support. In the hard times of a bankruptcy filing, it’s important to look to family and friends you’ve told your situation to for moral assistance. They can make things easier through positive, encouraging support.
  2. Make a plan to avoid future problems. Some people file for bankruptcy for problems beyond their control like a death. But even the risk of financial loss from losing a loved one can be overcome with good planning. Get good financial advice and stick to it.
  3. Be sure to start a savings account. After a bankruptcy, it’s vital to start putting aside what money you can so you can have a secure lifestyle after you retire.
  4. Keep track of your bills. Always make sure you know exactly where you stand with future bills and payments. You don’t want to hurt your financial situation even more after a
  5. Learn about financial topics. Many people end up in debt they can’t handle because they are financially ignorant. It’s vital to avoid this by reading up and learning about monetary issues.

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