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Understanding Creditor Harassment?

Anyone who has fallen behind on their bills may have felt as though they were being harassed by their creditors. However, the law varies on what exactly is creditor harassment.

What Is Creditor Harassment?

The law states that a creditor who contacts you in anyway, by phone, email or personal visit cannot use any threatening tone or obscene language. The law also states that you cannot be called persistently with any intent to annoy or irritate you. If you are receiving calls at odd hours to your home or workplace you need to let the creditors know that it is a disturbance and they are not allowed to call you during those extremely early or severely late times. You may even have experienced creditors contacting your friends, relatives and even your boss without your permission and this too is considered creditor harassment.

How to Stop Creditor Harassment

If you are behind on your debts and have creditors calling you, the best way to handle it is o reason with them. Explain your situation and ask for extensions or even try to make payment arrangements. If the creditor has any suggestions, listen to them and if you have your own, offer them. The best way to avoid being harassed by a creditor is to work it out as soon as possible.

However, some debt collectors are unwilling to listen to reason and can be extremely harsh and unfair. If you are unable to clear the bad debt and there seems to be no way to resolve the issue with the creditor, the next step is bankruptcy. By filing bankruptcy, all phone calls and contacts will cease and you can begin living in peace while you get your life back on track.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act is a federal law in place to help you with creditor harassment, if you are unable to stop the calls and have even started the procedure for filing for bankruptcy, then you should contact an attorney right away.

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