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It’s not easy to file for bankruptcy. In Calumet City Illinois struggling citizens find that at times there is no other alternative. But bankruptcy is really a solution meant to help you get a fresh start. And when done correctly, it will do just that.

The lawyers at the firm of Zalutsky & Pinski LTD have been helping people for over 50 years to find solutions to their financial problems. We have 8 convenient locations in the greater Chicago area. We offer free consultations and free parking at all our locations. Our attorneys are here to assist you during your time of need and come up with a specialized
solution that fits your requirements.

Bankruptcy is a complex issue made even more difficult due to recent changes in the bankruptcy code. These new laws also added additional challenges for people trying to rid themselves of their debts. One of the changes includes a “means test,” which figures out your ability to pay your bills. If your income is lower than the average income level in your state, then you don’t have to do this test. But if not, it must be determined to what level you can pay your bills.

While you may know others who have gone through this process without a lawyer, it’s probable they did it before the new rules went into effect. Since those laws went into effect in 2005, it’s harder to do. Having an experienced lawyer is the most effective way to go through bankruptcy and ensure that the laws work for you and your situation.

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