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Creditors are harder to deal with than ever. After all, they aren’t in the business of letting their debtors get out of paying back unpaid bills. If, like perhaps others in the Burnham Illinois area, your financial status is in jeopardy, you can be taken to court and sued for repayment of your debt. The credit card companies understandably want their money, and you are legally responsible to pay it all back. But, your situation won’t be any better if you end up just ignoring things and defaulting on all your bills.

How can you get a handle on this dire situation? By talking with an experienced and skilled bankruptcy lawyer in the Burnham area. With over 50 years experience, Zalutsky & Pinski LTD is the perfect fit to discuss your options. And the first visit is free. Don’t let the bank decide things for you. Come and consult with us today.

It may be that the best solution is something that helps you and lets the credit companies or banks get their money through a repayment plan. Or perhaps it’s possible to get all your debt wiped clean and get a fresh start. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to bankruptcy. That’s why we customize every plan to each individual client.

The most important thing is to do it now and not wait until things are too far gone to handle in a decent fashion. It’s important to let someone with experience show you the best way to fix it. Zalutsky & Pinski can help you do that. We can help you get through the ankruptcy process at one of our 8 Chicago area locations.

Remember, bankruptcy means solutions, not problems. And we provide a personalized solution for our clients. Call us today at 312-273-1217. We can help.



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